Electricity Wind Mill

Lowest Carbon Footprint

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Unlike other construction materials, wood is the only construction material which has absorbed CO2 from the atmosphere when produced/grown as a tree.
1 kg dry wood has absorbed 1.68-1.8 kg of CO2 from the atmosphere. Therefore wood is good an natural carbon sink.
Using wood as construction material therefore makes perfect sense.

But wood is also well suitable as construction material in a wind turbine. Especially when you combine wood with techniques as lamination and 3D grinding.

A 10 kW wind turbine will need somewhere between 120-200 kg, depending if we also use wood for the struts.
So in this case a 10 kW wind turbine has absorbed 200-350 kg CO2.

If we burn the same wood for heat generation, we will get 360-600 kWh in the form of heat. If you want to convert heat energy to electricity you will get about 20% conversion ratio, or 72-120 kWh.
However, the same 10 kW wind turbine can produce this amount of energy in 7-12 hour at a wind speed of 9-10 m/s.


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